Colonial-Period Burials Found on Ancient Temple in Peru

Peru Colonial BurialsLIMA, PERU—According to an AFP report, a team of researchers led by Lucenida Carrion of the Archaeology Directorate of the Park of Legends has unearthed three burials on top of the remains of a temple. The remains include two adults and a child who had been wrapped in cotton cloth. Traces of a wooden cross were found on the chest on one of the adults. “We are working with the hypothesis that the remains belong to a colonial cemetery,” Carrion said. Sandals, textiles, funeral mantles, ceramic vessels, and bracelets were also uncovered. The temple, known as Huaca Tres Palos, is estimated to be more than 1,000 years old. To read about a previously unknown burial treatment recently discovered on Peru’s southern coast, go to “Dignity of the Dead.”


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