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Per leggere questo articolo occorrono 5 minuti Gli archeologi dell’Israel Antiquities Authority hanno rinvenuto oltre 600 astragali, relativi a zampe di quadrupedi, nei pressi dell’antico centro urbano di Maresha, o Marissa, nell’Israele centrale. Gli astragali risalgono al periodo ellenistico del centro urbano, circa 2.300 anni fa, e il loro uso  …

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Olmec Contortionist Reliefs Uncovered in Mexico

VILLAHERMOSA, MEXICO—Accoring to a Live Science report, archaeologists in the Mexican state of Tabasco have recovered two circular Olmec reliefs dating to between 900 and 400 B.C. that depict local rulers engaging in a form of ritual contortion. In these rituals, researchers say, practitioners adopted a stance or seating position …

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Cache of Ancient Knucklebones Discovered in Israel

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL—Haaretz reports that researchers discovered more than 500 Hellenistic-period astragali, or animal knucklebones, in artificial caves beneath southern Israel’s ancient city of Maresha. Astragali were typically fashioned from the bones of sheep, goats, and cattle, and were often used in games similarly to dice. Some of the knucklebones found …

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Heat Wave Reveals 17th-Century English Gardens

WILTSHIRE, ENGLAND—Recent extreme heat and drought has revealed traces of past garden design at an Elizabethan-era house in Wiltshire, according to a report from BBC News. Aerial images captured by drone show how the estate’s gardens would have appeared some four centuries ago. Details of the gardens, which covered 70 …

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NOAA Issues Warnings for Sever G3 Solar Storm

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has issued geomagnetic storm watches, including a warning of a possible G3 storm, a severe storm, from August 17 through August 19, 2022. G3 storms can cause auroras to be observed as far south as the Washington-Oregon state line. As described by NOAA, the …

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Copper Age Gold Rings Unearthed in Romania

ORADEA, ROMANIA—Artnet News reports that a team of archaeologists led by Călin Ghemiș of the Ţării Crişurilor Museum have recovered 169 gold rings from a Copper Age grave at a site in western Romania. The researchers think the rings would have decorated the hair of the deceased woman, who may have …

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