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Archaeologists Uncover Upper Paleolithic Proto-Writing System

In at least 400 European caves such as Lascaux, Chauvet and Altamira, Upper Paleolithic humans drew, painted and engraved non-figurative signs from at least 42,000 years ago and figurative images — notably animals – from at least 37,000 years ago. Since their discovery 150 years ago, the purpose or meaning …

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Hoard of Silver Coins from Maccabean Revolt Found in Israel

The hoard was in a wooden box and contained 15 silver tetradrachma coins from the reign of Antiochos IV Epiphanes, a Hellenistic king who ruled the Seleucid Empire — which included Judea — from 175 BCE until 164 BCE. The 2,200-year-old silver tetradrachma coins found in Israel. Image credit: Shai …

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15,700-Year-Old Projectile Points Found in Idaho

Archaeologists have unearthed an assemblage of 14 stemmed projectile points at the Cooper’s Ferry site, located on a terrace of the lower Salmon River of western Idaho, the United States. These stemmed points are several thousand years older than Clovis fluted points and are 2,300 years older than stemmed points …

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Stone Age Humans Conducted Surgical Amputation 31,000 Years Ago

Archaeologists excavating Liang Tebo Cave on the Indonesian island of Borneo have discovered the skeletal remains of a young individual who had the distal third of their left lower leg surgically amputated, probably as a child, at least 31,000 years ago; the individual survived the procedure and lived for another 6-9 years, …

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Per leggere questo articolo occorrono 4 minuti Gli archeologi della School of Archaeology dell’Università di Oxford hanno utilizzato le immagini satellitari per identificare e mappare oltre 350 monumentali strutture di caccia conosciute come “aquiloni del deserto” nell’Arabia Saudita settentrionale e nell’Iraq meridionale, la maggior parte delle quali non era mai …

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